CDID - Headquarters

CDID Mission

As the Force Modernization Proponent for Cyberspace Operations, Signal Communications, and Electronic Warfare, Cyber CDID develops, evaluates, integrates, and communicates concepts, doctrine, requirements and solutions across DOTMLPF, Warfighting functions and formations to improve our Army and ensure the combat effectiveness of the future force.

Critical Tasks():

-Strategic Planning and Integration –CDID HQ
-Cyber CoE Collaboration/Integration –CDID HQ
-Integrate/Coordinate Division activities –CDID HQ
-Operational Tasking and Tracking –CurOps
-Daily Operational Support –Curr Ops
-Higher HQ Agency Integration –CSE
-Analytical Support Services -CSE
-Administrative Support –Exec Admin
-CDID Calendar Mgmt/scheduling –XO/Cur Ops
-Directorate Level Event Support –CurOps
-Dir Level Knowledge Management –CurOps
-CDID Meeting Management –CurOps
+Soldier accountability for CDID Director –PLT SGT
   -Military Training –(Tracking and Reporting)
   -Military Awards Processing –(Tracking and Reporting)
   -HHD Integration/collaboration