Concepts and Analysis

The Concepts and Analysis Division (CAD) leads the development, integration, and coordination of cyberspace concepts that provide the context for assessment and analysis within the Army’s Campaign of Learning as part of the Force 2025 and Beyond maneuvers which informs the Cyber CoE CDID JCIDS process. Support Science and Technology initiatives.

The Division consists of a Concept Branch, Threat Branch and an Analysis Branch.

•The Concept Branchaligns team members to ARCIC and COE’s Integrated Concept Teams to write the CYBER COE’s inputs to the Army Capstone Concept,Army Operating Concept,Army Functional Concepts and White Paperswhich illustrates how future joint and Army forces may operate, describe the capabilities required to carry out the range of military operations and support Experimentation and War Gaming events such as Unified Quest.

•The Threat Branchprovides threat analysisas well as intelligence analysisin support of JCIDS process and total life cycle and operation of threat systems for testing and training in live, virtual, and constructive environments.

•The Analysis Branchperforms Operations Research and Systems Analysisin support of studies, capability developments, management and planning, test and evaluation, and force structure development.