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The Army Communicator is the U.S. Army Signal Regiment’s premier communication outlet. The site explores trends in the Regiment and provides a place for Signal Regiment members to share good ideas and lessons-learned with their colleagues.

Published quarterly until 2016 as printed professional journal, the Army Communicator website now serves as the “Voice of the Regiment” – and covered a variety of topics important to the lives and careers of Signal Soldiers, including features on Signaleers, updates on the latest technological innovations, and frontline viewpoints from Soldiers working in the field.

We are supported by content contributions from Signal Regiment members and depend on noncommissioned officers, officers, warrant officers and Regimental civilian employees to contribute quality articles, photos, and videos on topics of interest to the entire Regiment.

To submit an article, photo, or video for publication on the Army Communicator or for more information, please contact the editor at or (706) 791-7384.