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Doctrine Division


Develop doctrine that standardizes fundamental principles with supporting tactics, techniques, and procedures throughout the Army in Cyberspace (CO), Signal, and Electronic Warfare (EW) operations. Collects observations and identifies gaps that impact Cyberspace operations, Electronic Warfare and Department of Defense Information Network-Army (DODIN-A) across Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and education, Personnel, Facilities, and Policy (DOTMLPF-P).


  • Consolidate and re-organize cyberspace, signal, and electronic warfare doctrine into a cohesive Cyber CoE Doctrine Publication Program that complies with Doctrine 2015.
  • Develop/Sustain Training Literature Publication Program of non-doctrinal training publications for Cyber CoE.
  • Manage Cyber CoE review of Army, joint, multi-service, and multinational doctrine.
  • Provide the Cyber CoE institutional training approved lessons and best practices and TTPs providing current and relevant training enhancements to update their POIs.
  • Support the operational forces by collecting observations and identifying DOTMLPF-P gaps that assist in developing capability and materiel solutions providing trained forces in the employment of Cyber, Signal, and EW in support of operations.
  • Disseminate approved lessons and best practices throughout the Cyber Center of Excellence for development of DOTMLPF solutions to enable operational forces to conduct current and future operations in support of unified land operations.