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Cyber Center of Excellence - Collaborative Tools

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Communities of Purpose (CoP) were established to provide a cross-talk of timely & relevant information easily accessible to soldiers anywhere in the world at any moment. It is designed to keep S6s and their staffs aware of current & emerging solutions that enhance Training, Readiness and Mission Accomplishment at all levels.
The Cyber Center of Excellence (CoE) Doctrine Development Branch develops and sustains Signal, Cyber and Electronic Warfare doctrine, Lessons and Best Practices, Publications and Media support, and Technical Library management to ensure effective support of the Directorate of the Cyber Capabilities Development and Integration Division (CDID), the Cyber CoE and the operational Army.
The Cyber Center of Excellence (CoE) Lessons and Best Practices Branch Collect, analyze, validate and disseminate approved lessons and best practices to the Cyber Center of Excellence to enable continuous improvement of Soldier institutional training throughout Cyberspace Operations, Signal and Electronic Warfare based on doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities and policy (DOTMLPF-P). Sustain and enhance the Army's operational forces to conduct current and future Cyberspace Operations, Signal and Electronic Warfare operations in support of unified land operations.
LandWarNet e-University (LWNeU) is the U.S. Army's on-line presence for C4 Sustainment Training. LWNeU provides Information Technology, Communications Systems, Battle Command and other related training and information products for Soldiers, Units, Army Network Enterprise Centers and the Sustaining Base.