369th Signal Battalion
'Quality All Ways!'

Charlie Company


Charlie Company trains and develops tactically and technically proficient 25S, Satellite Communication Systems Operators / Maintainers, ready to support large scale combat operations in dynamic, strategic, and expeditionary environments.


Building 25719, Barnes Avenue
Fort Eisenhower
CQ DESK: 706-791-0721

25S Satellite Communication System Operator/Maintainer 26 Weeks Day/Mid
Week Course Event
WK 1 Common 
In-processing, Victory Academy, H2F Overview, 26 week training plan
WK 2 HPDT Assessment, WTBD Shoot, 350-1 training, Finance
WK 3 Initial ACFT, WTBD Move, 350-1 Army Values, Branch History
WK 4 - 6 Phase up eligible V to VI, WTBD Move
WK 7 - 8 WTBD Communicate, MRT, Working RFO Complete
WK 9 WTBD Survive
WK 10 WTBD Survive, Phase up ACFT, 350-1 training SHARP/EO refreshers
WK 11 TCF Phase up eligible VI to VI+, WTBD review and retrain Shoot, EST Range
WK 12 WTBD review and retrain Move
WK 13 WTBD review and retrain Communicate
WK 14 WTBD review and retrain Survive
WK 15  WTBD Shoot
WK 16 Terminals WTBD Shoot
WK 17 - 20 WTBD Move
WK 21 TACSAT EOC ACFT Assessments, WTBD Move
WK 22 - 23 WTBD Communicate
WK 24 - 25 WTBD Survive, EOC ACFT Retest, Capstone
WK 26    Final Ruck, FTX, Recovery, Capstone, Graduation