Welcome to the Enlisted Division

Enlisted Military Occupational Specialties:


Information Systems Operations

Signal Operations

Points of Contact

Position/Title Rank/Name Phone Email
Information Systems Proponent SGM SGM Gary D. Oliver 706-791-6582 gary.d.oliver6@army.mil
Signal Proponent SGM SGM Kimberly A. Brown 706-791-8117 kimberly.a.brown8@army.mil
25B/D Sr Career Managment NCO MSG Javonte H. Staten 706-791-8139 javonte.h.staten8@army.mil
25H/E Career Management NCO SFC Thomas T. Dunlap 706-791-7204 thomas.t.dunlap7@army.mil
25U Career Management NCO SFC Raymond Langford 706-791-2877 raymond.langford2@army.mil
25S Career Management NCO SFC Michael L. Peels 706-791-8191 michael.l.peels8@army.mil
National Guard/Reserves Management NCO SFC Thomas K. Mize 706-791-0706 thomas.k.mize0@army.mil
Office Chief of Signal (OCOS) Enlisted Division *SEND ALL OFFICIAL EMAIL TO THIS GROUP MAILBOX* usarmy.eisenhower.signal-schl.list.ocos-ed@army.mil