369th Signal Battalion
'Quality All Ways!'

Foxtrot Company


The mission of Foxtrot Company is to work as a Fitness Training Unit to rehabilitate graduated but injured Soldiers and recovering Soldiers while processing security holds, airborne holds, and Soldiers going through the MEB process with the goal of safely and effectively transitioning Soldiers to the next phase of their military careers or back to civilian life.


Building 29706, Barnes Avenue
Fort Eisenhower
CQ DESK: 706-791-8411

All MOS Fitness Training Unit (FTU)
Week Event
WK 1

In processing, Baseball Card Verification, SFL-TAP, MRT, EO, SHARP, 

WK 2

 WTBD, Education Center POI, CBHS Counseling, Rehabilitation PT

WK 3

MRT, R2, Rehabilitation PT, 

WK 4

WTBD, MFLC POI, Rehabilitation PT