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Warrant Officer Intermediate Level Education (WOILE) Follow-on

Course Information 

  • Course Title: SIGNAL WARRANT OFFICER Intermediate Level Education (SWOILE) FOLLOW-ON
  • Course Number: 4-11-C32 (CP)
  • College: Signal Leader Development College (SLDC)
  • OPR: Warrant Officer Division
  • Status Change Date: 15 February 2022
  • Training site: USACCoE&FG, Fort Gordon, GA
  • Length: 4 Weeks, 4 Days
  • Managed: Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)


This course is the Signal Warrant Officer Intermediate Level Education Follow-on (SWOILE-FO) to WOILE. It provides individuals in the rank of CW3(P) and newly promoted CW4s with the foundational signal and cyber knowledge required to be successful as a CW4. The course also provides individuals with the necessary knowledge to be successful prior to assignment to higher level positions.

Course Scope 

This course will provide instruction on the Signal and Cyber military workforce including 255A, 255N, 255S, 170A, 170B and 170D. It also provides instruction on the Signal and Cyber mission sets including a foundational understanding of cyberspace, cyberspace attack, cyberspace incident response, cyberspace defense, cyberspace planning, cyberspace capability development, and electromagnetic warfare. Additionally, this course covers Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) Operations, DODIN Defensive Cyberspace Operations-Internal Defensive Measures (DCO-IDM), Critical Infrastructure, Intelligence Information Cyber Electromagnetic Warfare and Space (I2CEWS), Governance, Warrant Officer Development Programs, Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leader Development Personnel, Facilities-Policy (DOTMLPF-P), and Multi-Domain-Large Scale Combat Operations (MD-LSCO). The 21st Century Soldier Competencies developed in this course are: 1. Character and Accountability 2. Professional Competence 3. Teamwork and Collaboration 4. Culture and Joint Interagency Intergovernmental, and Multinational (JIIM) 5. Communication and Engagement 6. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 7. Adaptability and Initiative 8. Career-long Learner 9. Comprehensive Fitness.


  • Graduated from course: 1-250-C8 Phase 2 (WARRANT OFFICER ILE)
    * The prerequisite course class must end on or before the report date of the class for which the student is enrolling. Note: This rule does not apply if the prerequisite course is self-paced training such as correspondence or web.
  • Phase 1, 1-250-C8 (DL) Distributed Learning complete.

Special Information

MEL Code A, Warrant Officer Intermediate Level Education is awarded upon successful completion of this course.

Course Structure

  • This course is structured to be completed in sequence.
  • The course is structured in modules and lessons.
  • The course consists of one phase comprised of several modules. Each module consists of multiple lessons.


A: Cyberspace Concepts
B: Warrant Officer Development Resources
C: Multi-domain Operations
Z: WOILE Administration Time