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S6 Staff Course

Course Information 

  • Course Title: S6 Officer Course
  • Course Number: 4C-S16N
  • College: Senior Leader Development College (SLDC)
  • OPR: Signal Captain Career Course (SCCC) Branch
  • Status Change Date: POI 2.0 October 2018
  • Training site: CCoE & Fort Eisenhower, GA
  • Length: 2 weeks, 96 Hours
  • Managed: Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)
  • Prerequisites: None


This course is designed to provide Signal Corps Officers, Warrant Officers, and Senior NCOs the instruction required for assignment as a member of a Brigade/ Battalion S6. Instruction includes the capabilities, limitations, and employment of Signal and user-owned equipment as it supports the Warfighter. The S6 will perform the 25A critical tasks and supporting skills and knowledge required for the graduate to accomplish his/her duties and responsibilities to the prescribed performance standard.

Course Scope 

This course focuses on the role the S6 team plays in supporting Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) and consists solely of Signal-related instruction that specifically addresses tactical communications systems and doctrine. The course addresses planning, execution, management and resources allocation; planning and integrating Mission Command Information Systems (MCIS) equipment; telecommunications; installation, operation and maintenance of data communications, user-owned systems, network encryption devices, Communications Security (COMSEC) management, teleprocessing and distribution database systems, which support battlefield IT systems; and digital tactical network management and systems administration functions at the Brigade S6 level. This course outlines the duties and responsibilities of all members of the S6 staff, including Active, Guard, and Reserve Signal Officers (25A and FA26B, O1 to O4), Signal Warrant Officers (155A/255N/255S, WO1-CW3), and Senior Signal NCOs (MOS 25U30/40/50, and 25B30/40/50, E6-E8). MOS and grade waivers can be submitted for NCOs filing a BDE or BN S6 billet/position. Army personnel must be IAW AR 600-9 height/weight requirements.

Course Structure 

  • The S6 Staff Course is 2 weeks in duration. This course prepares Signal Officers, Warrant Officers, and Senior NCOs with standardized instructions required for assignment to a Brigade Combat Team. This course is structured in modules and lessons.
  • The training focuses on the S6 communications system functions and doctrine as they certain to network planning and management. Instruction is an innovative combination of tactical network design and management laced with application exercises that highlight the roles of the S6. The students study basic Army/DoD communications networks and apply instruction to scenario- based practical exercises.


A: The S6 as a staff (8 Hours)
B: Tactical Radios (8 Hours)
C: Information Management Integration (43 Hours)
D: CAPSTONE Exercise (33 Hours)
E: Administrative Module (4 Hours)