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Management Client Course

Course Information 

  • Course Title: Management Client Course (MGC)
  • Course Number:4C-F60/160-F40
  • College: Signal Leader Development College (SLDC)
  • OPR: Functional Area Division
  • Status Change Date: 9 January 2021
  • Training site: CCoE & Fort Eisenhower, GA
  • Length: 3 Weeks ( Single Course Structure, No phases)
  • Managed: Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)


To provide selected Active Component (AC), Reserve Component (RC) enlisted, Officers, and Government Civilians with advanced technical training to perform critical COMSEC and MGC individual skills in preparation to serve in senior level KMI operated Accounts (KOA) positions.

Course Scope 

This course provides instruction in Key Management Infrastructure architecture, Management Client (MGC), workstation hardware and related systems; system initialization and interface with other accounts. Instruction in safeguarding and accounting for COMSEC materials; documenting reports; establishing, moving, and closing COMSEC accounts; threat and security awareness programs; COMSEC emergency procedures; COMSEC logistics and other duties required of COMSEC custodians and inspectors; account for and manage COMSEC material; order, generate, and distribute traditional and modern keys; conduct inventories, destroy keys, and perform other accounting procedures; prepare and submit reports within the KMI hierarchy.


  • Course Security Clearance F - SECRET - Required
  • Pay Grade
    • O1 - Officer through O5 - Officer - Recommended
    • W1 - Warrant Officer through W5 - Warrant Officer - Recommended
    • E5 - Enlisted through E9 - Enlisted - Recommended
    • 04 - Civilian through 13 - Civilian - Recommended

Course Structure 

  • This course is structured to be completed in sequence.
  • The course is single structured with no phases.
  • The course consists of 21 modules. Each module consists of multiple lessons and exams. The description of each module is shown below.
  • The course is Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) intensive and reflects the most current information technology, communications equipment, software, hardware, automated data processing (ADP), and methods of Key Management Infrastructure procedures currently employed within operational units.


A: Introduction to COMSEC
B: Account Establishment
C: Account Security
D: MGC Node System Administration
E: Device Management
F: Material ID
G: Symmetric Product Management
H: Asymmetric Product Management
I: Policy Exam Part I and Review
J: MGC Exam Part I and Review
K: Filing System
L: Transportation
M: Product Distribution - Accountability
N: Local Elements
O: Destructions
P: Contingency Planning
Q: Incident Management
R: Audits and Inspections
S: Policy Exam Part II and Review
T: MGC Exam Part II and Review
U: Administrative Time