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Signal Digital Master Gunner (S-DMG)

Course Information 

  • Course Title: Signal Digital Master Gunner (S-DMG) Course
  • Course Number: 531-F75 (CT)
  • College: Signal Leader Development College (SLDC)
  • OPR: Functional Area Division
  • Status Change Date: October 2019
  • Training site: CCoE & Fort Eisenhower, GA
  • Length: 5 weeks, 190 Academic Hours
  • Managed: Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)
  • Prerequisites: SDMG Entrance Exam


  • To develop Signal Non-Commissioned Officers as a Signal-Digital Master Gunner and commander's SME on the operations, maintenance, integration, and training of the Local Area Network (LAN), Battle Command Common Services (BCCS) and Mission Command Information Systems (MCIS) by providing critical and near real time situational awareness in the unit's integrated Digital Tactical Operations Center (D-TOC).

Course Scope 

This five-week functional course trains Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and enlisted Soldiers to install, operate, and maintain the Local Area Network (LAN), Tactical Server Infrastructure (TSI) and Mission Command Information Systems (MCIS). Instruction will encompass installing and configuring the following areas: Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Tactical Local Area Network Encryptor (TACLANE), Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Tactical Operations Center Inter-Communication System (TOCNET), VMWare, Domain Controller to include Active Directory and Domain Name Service (DNS), Exchange, Structured Query Language (SQL), SharePoint, Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), Data Dissemination Service (DDS), Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P), Mission Command Gateway (MCGW), Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE), and a Capstone Exercise demonstrating the student's ability to integrate all trained areas.


Active and Reserve Component 25B and 25U Noncommissioned Officers must be in the grade of E5 and above. Soldiers E4 and below and other enlisted Signal MOSs must obtain an approved waiver signed by an O-5 or above in their chain of command to attend the course. Prior to enrolling in ATRRS, all students are required to register and pass the pre-entrance exam with a minimum score of 70 Percent within (90 Minutes) located on Blackboard https://cybercoe.llc.army.mil/. The students' organization is responsible for ensuring all prerequisites have been met prior to enrollment in ATRRS. Army personnel must be IAW AR 600-9 height/weight requirements. For additional information contact the Course Manager at (706-791- 3711 or DSN 780-3711).

Special Information

  • This course is a TDY course to Fort Eisenhower, GA. U.S. Army students must have a SECRET clearance to attendance this course.
  • Physical Demands:
    • Occasionally lifts/lower and carries 150 pounds (communications transit cases) as part of a two Soldier team (prorated 75 pounds per Soldier) a vertical distance of 5 feet and a horizontal distance of 100 feet while wearing/carrying ~80 pounds of uniform and combat equipment.
    • Occasionally lifts/lowers and carries 15 pounds of commercial off the shelf equipment (laptop computer with case) a vertical distance of 5 feet and a horizontal distance of 100 feet while wearing/carrying ~80 pounds of uniform and combat equipment.


To provide a Tactical Communications Systems management exercises designed to demonstrate knowledge of the BCT/BN Signal-DMG in the installation, planning and management of BCT/BN signal communications. Students will apply network planning and managing skills acquired in previous instruction in a training lab environment. Scenario-based practical exercises will enable students to demonstrate their understanding installation and management of Signal Support, Data Support, MCIS Support, TSI Support, COMSEC, Internetwork Connectivity, Restoration of Communication Services and Network Operations.

Course Structure 

The Signal Digital Master Gunner (S-DMG) Course is 5 weeks in duration and is programmed to train 90 students annually (7) iterations with optimum class size of 12 students. The S-DMG Course prepares Signal Non-commissioned Officers with standardized instructions required for assignment as a Signal Digital Master Gunner in a Brigade Combat Team (BCT). This course is structured in modules and lessons. The S-DMG Course consists of seven modules that train students in tasks determined by the Signal Critical Task Site Selection Board (CTSSB) and training directed by TRADOC's Combined Arms Center (CAC). The seven modules are: Signal Digital Master Gunner (S-DMG) Introduction (Module A), Warfighter formation Network-Tactical (WIN-T) (Module B), Integrated Tactical Networking Environment (ITNE) (Module C), Tactical Server Infrastructure (TSI) System Administration (Module D), Mission Command Information Systems (MCIS) (Module E), Capstone (Module F), and the Administrative (Module G).


A: Signal Digital Master Gunner (S-DMG) Introduction (.5 Days)
B: Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) (7 Days)
C: Integrated Tactical Networking Environment (ITNE) (1 Day)
D: Tactical Server Infrastructure (TSI) System Administration  (7.5 Days)
E: Mission Command Information Systems (MCIS) (5 Days)
F: CAPSTONE Exercise (3.5 Days)
G: Administrative (1 Day)