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Information Systems Engineer Course FA 26B

Course Information 

  • Course Title: : Information Systems Engineer (ISE) Course (FA26B)
  • Course Number: Un-phased 4C-FA26B (CP) Phased I and II 4C-FA26B (RC)(CP)
  • College: Senior Leader Development College (SLDC)
  • OPR: Functional Area Division (FAD)
  • Status Change Date: June 2022
  • Training site: CCoE& Fort Eisenhower, GA
  • Length: 29 weeks, 148 days (1088 Hours)
  • Managed: Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)


The 4C-FA26B (CP)/4C-FA26B (RC) (CP) curriculum provides training for selected US Army Active or Reserve Component officer personnel (CPT-LTC), International Military officer personnel (CPT-LTC) and DA civilians GS-09 or above assigned to or on orders to positions that require knowledge of Signal systems, architectures, and common information technology principles. It prepares Company and Field Grade Officers and selected civilians for technically demanding Army assignments that require expertise in the design, engineering, configuration and troubleshooting of complex information technology systems from enterprise to local area level network environments. Upon completion of Phase 2, Officers will be awarded the FA26B identifier.

Course Scope 

This is an un-phased and phased course that prepares students with a foundation of Signal systems, architectures and common information technology principles during the first phase, including training in network management, data, cloud, information dissemination management, and directed training. During the course, students are given advanced classroom instruction and hands-on-experience that enable them to design, configure, and troubleshoot tactical and commercial information technology systems, to include cloud environments. Students will gain a working knowledge of tactical and commercial information systems technologies including network configuration and management, operating systems, enterprise architectures, security management, systems analysis, database design, principle of algorithms, and programming languages. The students will demonstrate knowledge and skill in all objectives during the end of course Capstone Event. The students will plan, implement, troubleshoot, configure, and manage a large network. Given specific scenarios, the students will be required to demonstrate the concepts learned throughout the entire course by applying the knowledge and skill to analyze requirements, design a network system, implement a model network, test the model network, and demonstrate the model network.


US Army Active or Reserve Component officer personnel (CPT-LTC), International Military officer personnel (CPT-LTC) and DA civilians GS-09 or above assigned to, or on orders to, positions requiring expertise in the life cycle management, cloud and data management, computer systems and networks, or to positions where duties involve analysis, design, development or configuration management of computers and networked information systems. Selected personnel must be graduates of a Captain's Career Course. All attendees must possess a Bachelor's Degree.


A - Administrative
D – Network Management (LAN/WAN)
E – Cyber Security Policy
F – Cybersecurity Analyst
G – Host Base Security Systems
H - Certified Information Security Management
I – Microsoft Server
J - Microsoft Server Services
K - Microsoft Active Directories
L – Microsoft Exchange
M - Server Exercise
P – Introduction to LINUX
Q - Cloud Security
R – Collaboration
S - Microsoft SCCM
T - Knowledge Management
U - Project Management