Army Cyber Officers lead Soldiers and Civilians in executing real world cyberspace operations and electromagnetic warfare at all echelons. Because of the technical and technological nature of the mission sets, Cyber Officers are inspirational, well-educated leaders who are also logical, analytical, innovative, technologically adept problem solvers. Their duties include developing and utilizing personnel, capabilities, and resources to deliver offensive and defensive effects against our adversaries in and through the cyberspace domain and the electromagnetic spectrum battlespace. Cyber Officers serve in command, staff, and key leadership positions at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels at CONUS and OCONUS duty locations. This includes exciting assignments in Army, Joint, Interagency, and Multinational environments.

Warrant Officer

Cyber Corps Warrant Officers are Technical Subject Matter Experts who identify, troubleshoot, and engineer solutions to technically difficult problems used to defend against, target, and neutralize Cyberspace threats and Electromagnetic Warfare targets, whether by lethal or nonlethal means.


Cyber Enlisted are the workhorse of the Corps, responsible for maintaining dominance in both Offensive and Defensive Cyberspace Operations and ensuring control of the Electromagnetic Spectrum as enduring maneuver capabilities, based on a solid foundational knowledge of the operational characteristics of the Army with particular emphasis on the Army's maneuver force and special operations force elements.